Remember your childhood? 👶🏻 How often did you buy a shampoo sachet over a bottle? Always. The last run to paan shop? 🚬 How many walk-in smokers…

January 2023

Zoho → ₹2,700 Cr profit for FY 2022 🎯 Salesforce → ₹12,000 Cr profit for FY 2022 🤯 Here's the core reason to profitability ⬇️ Quick context 🗓 Zoho…
The OTT game has it's own unique challenges.
The sleep economy opportunity for the world.
The insight it has to reach 500 million monetizable users 🤯
Distribution king in the making.
Solving for business model across the user journey & more.
Welcome to the 1,017 curious souls of “Growth Shorts” fam who have joined us since the last issue. You are among the 37,521 who are receiving this…
The science of irreversible habits every product needs to learn.
Insight behind the category that thrives on full stack business building.

December 2022

Revenue share model combined with a product that just works.
The masterplan to capture complete user lifetime value is in action.