If you understand the buying behaviour, you would realize that, when it comes to white goods, customers typically compare prices and features when they buy and that's where UC will lose out to larger horizontal platforms and offline multi-brand stores which provide a sizeable assortment and comparison facility...

On the other hand, a better business model would be for them to get into a b2b partnership with large online platforms, stores and perhaps D2C brands to become a provider for all their white good installation and repair services and ensure a consistent experience and improve NPS for them.

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Agree. You don't own the customer though.

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Mar 30, 2023Liked by Abhishek

Not really. You still have an interface (and perhaps data) of the end customer to upsell and cross sell other services in the portfolio. I think as a strategy, UC is better off playing on its strengths (great Cust service / satisfaction) rather than spreading themselves too thin and getting into an endless cash burn game...

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