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We bought bumtum for our 2nd child. We had 3 main issues, specifically with the pants version:

1. No way to wrap up the pants once they were torn. You don't want to be handling the contents of an a diaper that can't be wrapped up!

2. No easy way to tell which is the front and back of the diaper. Can be very uncomfortable for the baby if you put it back to front.

3. Once full, the diaper would sag and leak. Can cause rashes for the baby if the leaked contents stay on the thighs too long. This happened to our son.

I would say that they took a leap and tried to solve for a price sensitive market but have dropped the ball in terms of easy usage, communication and quality. I think this would have a negative impact on consumers as they would buy due to the cheap price and then get turned off by the above issues.

I think while solving for price is a good strategy, most parents are ready to spend for their child. While Pampers is 50% more expensive, it is also far more reliable. The sweet spot then, might lie, between Bumtum and Pampers.

Here in Germany, where I live, a pack of 32 diapers is 5.55 Euros, which is about 500 INR. BumTum are 629 INR for 52 diapers. That's 15 INR per diaper and 12 INR per diaper respectively. If they can improve the quality for about 1 INR more per diaper that would make them about 685 INR for 52 which is still cheaper than Pampers. I would, as a parent, pay that extra 1 INR to ensure my child is comfortable.

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