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Growth is similar to playing hockey.
It’s a highly co-ordinated team sport.
Every week I will help you get better at this game.

I don’t write for the sake of it.
I write when I have an insight, period.
The insight will be about people, products & experiences.

I have been in the right places.
Observing & being part of the hyper-growth journeys of some of the top companies of this decade have helped build an informed perspective about growing tech products.

This newsletter is the delivery van for the perspective.
Apart from writing this newsletter, I run a community of top founders, marketers, product leaders & operators, GrowthX. Some of the key outcomes from GrowthX community members have been helping transition conventional leaders into tech, accelerating managers into growth leadership roles, and operators into breakout roles. It’s been a journey full of joy.

I’ve done growth for Dunzo & CRED.
And now I’m solving the bigger problem with GrowthX.
Do observe what’s going on at GrowthX.

Abhishek Co-founder | GrowthX

P.S. On Fridays I let the GrowthX community decide what snackable insights I send along with the editorial team at GrowthX.

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Abhishek from GrowthX
Decoding frameworks behind the most successful tech products.
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